1. Eligible voters are those who are registered members of the NGE and are in good financial standing.
  2. Nomination of aspirants to vacant positions shall close on 8th May, 2023.
  3. No member can nominate more than one aspirant.
  4. No aspirant can nominate any co-aspirant.
  5. Chairman and members of the Screening & Election Committee, hereinafter known as “SEC” shall not nominate aspirants for the election.
  6. SEC shall screen aspirants to determine their eligibility.
  7. The Electoral Register should be sent to all members, not later than two weeks, before the election.
  8. SEC shall print the ballot papers.
  9. Chairman and members of SEC cannot vote.
  10. Each candidate must have an agent, who shall witness the counting of votes.
  11. Each agent shall sign the election result sheet, however, failure to sign shall not invalidate the result.
  12. If there is a tie after the counting of votes, the winner will be decided by a simple YES or NO pick of paper between the two candidates.
  13. Contestants for positions of President and Secretary will address the electorate, for a maximum of five minutes each, before the election.
  14. When there is only one candidate for an office, there shall be no voting. Such a candidate shall be declared elected unopposed.
  15. The NGE being a respected professional body, candidates shall not extend their campaigns beyond members of the Guild. Billboards, advertisement in Newspapers, Radio, Television and social media are not allowed.
  16. There shall be NO smear, hate or malicious campaigns.
  17. There shall be no campaigns till the 1st of June, 2023.
  18. The ban on electioneering campaigns shall be lifted by midnight of 31st May, 2023 and shall close by midnight of 13th June, 2023.
  19. There shall be NO campaigns in the Convention Hall once the elections commence, ANYONE campaigning secretly, passing fliers, candidates lineup lists, and or, disturbing the process in whatsoever manner aforesaid shall be penalized.
  20. ANYONE who flouts any of these guidelines stands the risk of DISQUALIFICATION.